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Designed to protect filament from material degradation, the BigRep SHIELD Dry Cabinet stores filament spools in ideal conditions to save you time and money, reduce misprints and material waste up to 20%.

Air circulates in the high-capacity, controlled desiccant chamber, which is capable of storing up to 60 kg of filament spools, to maintain 0.1% relative humidity.

The BigRep SHIELD keeps all types of filament in ideal conditions.

Features of the Bigrep SHIELD include:

  • Controlled Desiccant Air Loop - By looping air through a controlled desiccant chamber the BigRep SHIELD effectively eliminates 99.9% of airborne moisture, maintaining 0.1% relative humidity
  • Sealed Filament Dry Chamber - The BigRep SHIELD maintains constant overpressure for an airtight storage volume, preventing moisture from entering its chamber and ensuring the system can quickly remove airborne humidity with 100% air recirculation
  • Siemens Control System - Siemens control system results in the robust and reliable BigRep SHIELD 
  • 60kg Storage Chamber - The industrial sized storage chamber holds up to 60kg of filament, enough material for one month of continuous 24/7 printing

12 month manufacturer warranty.

Bigrep SHIELD Technical Specifications


 Chamber dimensions: 480mm (w) x 480mm (d) x 1200mm (h), 276 liters

 Max. diameter of spool: 355mm

 Max. 12x 2.5 kg spools or 12x 4.5 kg spools or 6x 8-10 kg spools

 Dew Point  -55°C (~ 0.1 % rel. hum. at 25°C)
Volume Flow
120 m³/h
3 Phase 400V AC, N, PE
Power consumption 3.5 KW
 Device Dimensions  1200mm (w) x 590mm (d) x 1850mm (h) (without handles)
 Door dimensions: 540mm x 1100mm
 Noise Emission

 Approx. 77dBA

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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