Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit

Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit
 Ultimaker Metal Expansion KitUltimaker Metal Expansion Kit 

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The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit enables the Ultimaker S5 3D printer to print in either plastic or metal. 

The accessory kit contains a dedicated metal print core and BASF 17-4PH material, alongside access to software optimisations in Cura and extensive e-learning modules, to print prototypes and models in Stainless Steel.

The Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit includes:

  • 1x BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse 17-4 PH (1kg)
  • 1x BASF Forward AM Ultrafuse Support Layer (300g)
  • Packaging for green parts and voucher for post-processing
  • 1x Ultimaker Print Core CC 0.4
  • 1x Ultimaker Print Core DD 0.4
  • 1x Magigoo Pro Metal (50 ml) adhesive
  • Ultimaker Cura software with optimised metal part slicing features (download)
  • Access to metal FFF e-learning content on Ultimaker Academy

Compatible with Ultimaker S5 3D printer.

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