Formlabs Form 3L Resin Tank V2 Legacy

Formlabs Form 3L Resin Tank V2 Legacy
 Formlabs Form 3L Resin Tank V2 LegacyFormlabs Form 3L Resin Tank V2 Legacy 

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**This is the V2 Legacy version of the 3L tank**

CREAT3D recommend the newest version of the Form 3L Resin Tank V3.

Replacement resin tank for use with Formlabs Form 3L 3D printer.

The tank features a strong dual-layer film at the bottom of the tank to allow for a dynamic and precise print process, scaled up for large format printing.

1 tank per pack.  

Compatible with the Form 3L and Form 3BL.

Recommend use when printing with Elastic 50A Resin on Form 3L or 3BL.

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