Formlabs Form 3L Finish Kit

Formlabs Form 3L Finish Kit
 Formlabs Form 3L Finish KitFormlabs Form 3L Finish Kit 

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Form 3L Finish Kit for use with Formlabs Form 3L, large SLA 3D printer.

The Finish Kit (which is included with every Form 3L printer purchase), is designed to assist in the post-processing and finishing of your prints and includes wash and rinse containers and finishing tools. Additional kits available to purchase as spare units.


Finish Kit includes:

1. Rinse bucket: Fill the rinse bucket with IPA or TPM

2. Rinse basket: Place prints in the rinse basket to wash

3. Rinse bottle: Remove resin trapped in cavities and internal channels of prints

4. Non-reactive nitrile gloves: for use when handling

5. Battery operated solvent pump: to fill and empty the rinse bucket

6. Build platform jig: Stabilise the build platform for the secure removal of prints

7. Drying tray: to drip dry

8. Flush cutters: Snip to separate prints from their supports

9. Scraper: Remove prints from the build platform

10. Removal tool: Pry under the raft to remove prints from the build platform

11. Tank tool: A two-part scraper for inspecting and cleaning the resin tank interior