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Simplify3D Software

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Simplify3D software is an advanced, all-in-one, 3D printing software that allows you to enhance your 3D printing through configuring a wide range of functionalities. As an alternative to your 3D printer supplied slicing software, it is an integrated desktop application from which you can import, repair, slice, preview and print.


Some of the advanced features you gain with Simplify3D software include controlling where support structures are placed, adjusting the starting point to remove seams, setting up different print settings for different parts on the same bed and adjusting slice settings.


Simplify3D software is specifically tuned for use with your desktop 3D printer and contains pre-configured settings for a wide range of 3D printers (full range of compatible 3D printers) so you can start printing quickly and easily.  


Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.




You control where breakaway support structures are placed.  Use mouse clicks to add or delete supports according to your preferences. Save print time, save material, and optimise your final part with supports that break away easily and cleanly, great for complex prints.


You can also control the start point location for each layer to remove the print “seam”. 



Apply different slicing settings within the same part, such as a 40% infill base and a 15% infill top.  You can also vary layer height, speed, temperature, or any other setting to achieve excellent print quality. 


Use this feature in testing and calibration by applying one setting every 10mm. You can then evaluate the final part to determine your optimum print settings. 



View a fast-forward virtual animation of your model being constructed.  Precise views allow you to view layer-by-layer or line-by-line.  This detailed view of the build process allows you to identify improvement areas before you begin printing filament.



Allow the software to arrange multiple parts to maximise your print bed capacity. You can also apply different settings for different models that are located on the same build platform.  For example, if you print 3 parts at once, you can choose the settings that will optimise the print quality of each part.  The special multi-part printing mode optimises how often the printer moves between different parts to improve print quality and save printing time.  

Simplify3D Hardware Requirements


Minimum System Requirements


Software format

Simplify3D software is an electronic download that

is emailed following your purchase


Simplify3D software is cross platform and can be installed

on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems


Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor, 2GB or more of RAM

Windows XP or greater

Mac OS X 10.6 or greater

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or greater

OpenGL 2.0 capable system

What operating systems can the Simplify3D software be used on?

Simplify3D software supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


What file formats does the Simplify3D software support?

The software currently supports STL and OBJ files. 


What system requirements do I need on my laptop or computer?

Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor, 2GB or more of RAM

Windows XP or greater

Mac OS X 10.6 or greater

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 or greater

OpenGL 1.2 capable system


How do I receive my purchase of the Simplify3D software?

The product is an electronic download that will be emailed to you following your purchase. If you have any problems, please contact us at quoting your order number.


Does Simplify3D software work with multiple extruders?

Yes and you can use different extruders for the outline, infill, or support structures.


How will I obtain software updates?

Software updates are available as downloads accessible from within the software. Click Help > Check for Updates.


Will Simplify3D software ever modify my STL files?

The software will never modify your original STL files. All transformations and manipulations are done in memory.


If you want to save the modified model as a new STL file you can always use the File > Export menu option.


Can I slice multiple models at once?

Yes. Simply import all of the models you want to slice onto the virtual build table and then position them as you wish.


Pro tip: Use the “Arrange” button to automatically centre and position all of your imported models for printing.


How do I choose which models are sliced by a process?

Double click on your process and choose “Select Models”. Simply click and highlight the models you want to slice with the current process or choose Select All to choose all currently imported models.


Pro tip: If you add your process after you have already imported all of your 3D models, the process will automatically apply to all of the visible models on the virtual build table.


What is a .Factory file?

Factory files are the method used by Simplify3D to package everything you need to re-create your current session. Simplify3D saves the 3D models, placement details, manually placed support material, and build operations all to a single file.


You can also save an entire project with several models, multiple build platters, and different slicing settings all to a single location. 


How do I Zoom, Pan, or Rotate the View?

Rotate the scene using your left mouse button. Panning is performed using the right mouse button. Zooming is controlled using the mouse scroll wheel (or two-finger gestures if your device supports it). For those without a mouse wheel or multi-touch support, you can also zoom using Shift-Left-Click.


Pro tip: Use the middle mouse button to snap back to the default view.


How do I Move, Rotate, and Scale My 3D Model?

First, ensure that the model you want to use is selected. You can do this by clicking it on the screen. The model should change colour to indicate that it is selected. Once you have selected the model, simply Ctrl-left-click (or Command-left-click on a Mac) and drag to move the model on the virtual build table.


Use Ctrl-right-click (or Command-right-click) to scale the model by moving the mouse up and down. You can also rotate the model using Alt-left-click and dragging side to side. Pro tip: Double click on a model to open its custom positioning window if you want to enter exact numerical values.


How can I modify the settings?

The software is setup to accommodate as many different configurations as possible. You can modify these settings by going to Tools > Options (or Simplify3D > Preferences on a Mac). Flip the directions of the 3 coordinate axes until the virtual build table matches the setup your machine is using. If you notice that your models are flipped and are printing in reverse, it is likely that you need to update these settings.