Cube 3 Infinity Rinse Away Support

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Cube 3 Infinity Rinse Away Support

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Cube 3 Infinity Rinse-Away support material is a water soluble support material designed for use with printing parts on the Cube 3 3D printer. The support material dissolves in water post-print, leaving the finished PLA part. Infinity Rinse-Away support is particularly useful for when printing more complex designs where traditional support structures may be more awkward to remove.


Once the print has finished, the part can be run or submerged in water until the support structures dissolve or become soft. The support can then be removed using needle nose pliers or your fingers and further cleaned up using a soft brush. The length of time required to dissolve the support material depends on the geometry and structure of your part, along with the amount of support filament used.


The support material should be used in conjunction with Cube 3 PLA.


Cube 3 cartridges are easy to load and have a microchip to tell the printer if sufficient material is available before starting a print. The cartridge casing also provides protection for the filament to reduce the risk of crossing and jamming. Furthermore, each Cube 3 cartridge has a preloaded filament jet, which simplifies the process of switching colours and cartridges.


Cube 3 Infinity Rinse-Away support cartridges are compatible with the Cube 3 (Cube 3rd generation only) 3D printer only. 


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3D Systems Infinity Support (for Cube 3) Technical Specifications



Cube 3 Cartridge

Infinity Rinse-Away Support



Usage guidance

Use with Cube 3 PLA Cartridge

Recommended print temperature

Preset data in Cube software

Recommended bed temperature

Preset data in Cube software

Recommended print speed

Preset data in Cube software


Compatible with Cube 3 (3rd generation) 3D printer 

Storage conditions

For best results, store in original packaging in air-tight container

Approved food contact safe No


Download Infinity Rinse-Away Support material safety data sheet PDF


What is Infinity Rinse-Away support material?

Infinity Rinse-Away support material is a water soluble filament that enables you to print your part with rinse-away supports.


Can I print Infinity Rinse-Away for any material?

Currently Infinity Rinse-Away support material is only compatible with PLA (CubePro or Cube 3) or CubePro Nylon.


What resolution does the support material print in?

Infinity Rinse-Away is a support material, used for printing support structures. As such it prints in standard resolution.


How do I remove the support material?

You can either place your part under running water or place the part in a tub of water. Let the part soak in water for couple of minutes until the support material becomes soft and breaks away. You can use pliers and a brush to clean up finer pieces. 3D Systems have a Infinity Rinse-Away video tutorial.


What are the stickers in my box for?

The stickers help reduce shifting in your parts on the Cube 3. To use, remove the print pad from your Cube 3, wipe the three levelling studs with water/ isopropyl alcohol and pat them dry with a towel. Remove one friction sticker from the sheet provided and apply to the top of the levelling stud evenly. Use your finger to press down in a circular motion to remove all air pockets. Repeat for the remaining 2 levelling studs. Place your print pad back on the Cube and proceed to auto level and auto gap.


Why do I need to level my plate after adding the stickers?

Adding the stickers to the levelling studs on the Cube 3 may change the auto level of print pad. Having your printer at the right level and gap is important for printing parts.


How long does it take to remove the support?

It depends on the part size and geometry. Very intricate designs may take a little while longer. On average, for medium sized regular part, support removal will take approximately 15 minutes.


How safe is this material?

This is a water soluble material, dissolving in water. It is not toxic to use. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more information (see Tech Specs).


Can I discard this material down the drain?

It is water soluble and safe to use in home sinks. However, you can scrape away the large chunks of the support material and discard in the rubbish.


Can I print a part with this material?

This is a support material and can be used only to add supports to your primary part. This material cannot be used to print a primary part itself. Also, your primary parts need to print using PLA material.


What colours are available?

Since this is a water soluble support material, there are no colours added to this material. Your main part should be your preferred PLA colour.


What printer can I use Infinity Rinse-Away Support with?

Cube 3 Infinity Rinse Away Support cartridges are compatible with the 3rd generation Cube only (Cube 3 3D Printer).


CubePro Infinity Rinse Away Support cartridges are compatible with CubePro Duo and CubePro Trio.


The cartridges are not cross-compatible.