Go!SCAN 3D Scanner

Go!SCAN 3D Scanner
 Go!SCAN 3D ScannerGo!SCAN 3D Scanner 

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Ideal for product development and design phases, the Go!SCAN 3D is a powerful 3D scanning tool that can measure without the need for targets.  It features real-time surface creation, high portability, fast scanning, accurate data collection and seamless integration into a wide range of CAD software.

Live, positionable tracking - scan without the need for applying reference targets

  • Self-positioning: No Tripods, no tracking devices, no scanner stands required
  • Fully utilise the shape of the part and texture of the surface for live positional tracking

Portable scanner - take the scanner to where it's needed

  • Lightweight: weighing only 1.25 kg (2.71 lb)
  • Fits into a small carry case: can fit even the smallest luggage

Quick & Reliable - most objects can be scanned in mere minutes and quickly integrated into your preferred software, whether for reverse engineering, computer aided design or 3D printing

  • Ready-to-use files: Almost instant, real-time, automatic mesh generation
  • Quick setup: Up-and-running in less than 2 minutes

Go!SCAN is ideal for applications including CAD and concept design | reverse engineering | restoration | prototyping | tooling design

GO!SCAN 3D SCANNER Technical Specifications

 3D scanning
 Up to 0.050mm
Volumetric Accuracy
 0.050mm + 0.150mm
Measurement resolution
 0.100mm (0.0039in)
Measurement rate
 1 500 000 Measurements/s
 Light Projection

 99 Scan Lines



 Part Size Range

 0.1-4 m


 1.25kg (2.71lbs)

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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