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MakerBot Method X


Dual-extruders for printing in ABS with Stratasys SR-30 Soluble Supports

Ultimaker S5


Large build volume with dual extrusion. Optimised for wide range of materials

MakerBot Replicator Z18


Ultra-tall prints in an enclosed chamber

MakerBot Method


Dual extrusion with soluble support in circulating heated chamber

Markforged Onyx One


Specialist Onyx (engineering grade Nylon material with micro carbon fibres) desktop 3D printer

Formlabs Form 3 Complete Package


Form 3 Complete Package: Comprehensive bundle including Form Wash and Cure



Large build dual extruder enclosed 3D printer with needle valve flow control

Ultimaker S3


Dual extrusion with swappable print cores. Optimised for range of materials

Formlabs Form 3B Basic Package


Desktop SLA 3D printer for biocompatible materials for healthcare applications

Tiertime X5


Specialist ABS, TPU & PLA 3D printer with auto-swapping build plate

Formlabs Form 3 Basic Package


Low Force Stereolithography 3D printer for repeatable excellent finish prints with light-touch supports

Ultimaker 2+ Connect


Single extrusion with swappable nozzles. Pair with Air Manager

MakerBot Replicator+


Prints in PLA & Tough PLA, highly connected, advanced print software

Tiertime UP300


Interchangeable, specialist extruders for ABS, PLA and TPU

Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES


Compact ABS and PLA specialist 3D printer in enclosed chamber.

Formlabs Form 2 Basic Package


Ultimaker 2+


Ultimaker 2+ has been superseded with†Ultimaker 2+ Connect

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Page 2 of 2:    41 Items