Markforged X7 Field Edition

Markforged X7 Field Edition
Markforged X7 Field EditionMarkforged X7 Field EditionMarkforged X7 Field Edition

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The Markforged X7 Field Edition is a field deployable industrial 3D printer for tactical response to inventory challenges in remote locations. The X7 Field Edition can be fully set up and ready to print in minutes. The unit contains the materials, spare parts, and tools needed to sustain production between re-supply opportunities. The custom Pelican case arrangement can withstand transportation through harsh environmental conditions.

The X7 Field Edition is able to produce high-strength parts in materials such as OnyxOnyx FR (Flame Retardant), Onyx ESD (static dissipative), Onyx FR-A (Aerospace-ready material) or White Nylon as the base material. It also has the option to include reinforcing fibres in Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, High Strength High Temperature Fibreglass and Kevlar using the Composite Filament Reinforcement (CFR) process.   

The Markforged X7 Field Edition is an all-in-one specialist system, ready for remote deployment, and includes 4 layers:

  • AL3232 Pelican Case - Single lid case comprised of a rugged shell, with custom foam insert layers for added protection. Able to withstand transportation through harsh environmental conditions
  • Printer Layer - Contains X7 industrial 3D printer, moisture-sealed dry box for material storage, lightweight 6061 aluminium honeycomb panel forming a stable base
  • Tool Layer - All tools/spares needed for printer maintenance, laptop storage area
  • Material Layer - Material stock for more than 100 hours of printing, pockets for spare printhead and extruder

The X7 Field Edition is also compatible with Markforged Blacksmith automated quality control software. The software scans, measures, and compares dimensional accuracy data of printed parts to the design files, giving manufacturers reliable parts right off the printer.

12 month manufacturer warranty included.

As a Markforged Value Added Reseller, we are certified to provide our customers with escalated levels of technical support, service and maintenance packages and training as well as preferential access to new product upgrades.


  • Rotomoulded high impact polyethylene case protects the printer in harsh environments
  • Eight total spring-back handles for easy carrying
  • Foam padding to protect components during transport


  • X7 Industrial Printer
  • Moisture-sealed material storage dry box
  • Upper foam for printer protection
  • 6061 aluminium honeycomb lightweight support layer
  • Integrated ventilation and mating geometry for secure placement on top of case


  • All tools required for X7 maintenance
  • Consumables storage
  • Main and spare print bed storage
  • Laptop storage area (laptop not included)


  • 3x Onyx plastic spools for more than 100 hours of printing
  • 2x Carbon Fiber Spools
  • 1x Kevlar Spool
  • 1x Fiberglass Spool
  • 1x HSHT Fiberglass Spool
  • Pockets for spare printhead and plastic extruder 

Markforged X7 field edition Technical Specifications

Print technology
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR)
X7 Field Edition
  • Onyx (Nylon blend with micro carbon-fibres)
  • Onyx FR (Flame Retardant)
  • Onyx ESD (Static Dissipative material)
  • White Nylon
  • Onyx FR-A (Aerospace-ready)
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fibreglass
  • Kevlar
  • High Strength-High Temperature Fibreglass
Case dimensions
90.2 cm (w) x 90.2 cm (d) x 67.3 cm (h)
Max build volume
330mm (w) x 270mm (d) x 200mm (h)
13.0'' (w) x 10.6'' (l) x 7.9'' (h)
Designed for 2 person lift
Z axis print resolution
100 microns default
50 microns minimum
Print bed   
Kinematic coupling. Flat to within 80 microns
In Process Inspection, Bed Levelling, Active Print Calibration
Closed cell infill: multiple geometries available
Supplied Software
Markforged Eiger Core (included). Runs on Google Chrome
Offline Eiger or Eiger Fleet software subscriptions available
 Additional Software   Blacksmith - Adaptive manufacturing platform (additional purchase required)
Software security

 STIG Compliant Operating System

 Enhanced printer security, whether you’re connected to the cloud via satellite hotspot or offline in the middle of the desert

Printer connectivity
Available with or without WiFi
Design file input

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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