Markforged Sintering Oven: Sinter-2

Markforged Sintering Oven: Sinter-2

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The Sinter-2 sintering oven by Markforged accommodates an expansive active hot zone of 19,644 cm3, ideal for mid-volume batch production and for larger parts.

The Sinter 2 creates high purity metal parts by using sintering technology built with a carbon-free retort. The furnace is enabled with rapid cooling technology and can process the full range of Markforged commercial-grade metals.

The Sinter 2 also features a 17-hour Express Run for part batches <250g.

For post-processing use with the Markforged Metal X.



Markforged Sinter-2 Technical Specifications

Furnace properties
Materials supported
Chemically debound Metal X printed parts
Heating element
Pre-programmed automatic cycling
Sinter run time
30 hours*, 17 hours (small part express run**)
Peak temperature
Sintering capacity
Rectangle w/radius top: 248mm ID x 406mm L
(9.8" ID x 16" L)
Sintering workload
12,135 cm3
(741 in3)
Sintering surface area
1,644 cm2 for stackable ceramic setter plates
Setter plate dimensions
Top plate: 24.0cm W x 41.0cm D 
Bottom plate: 17.0cm W x 41.0cm D
Gas types
Argon, argon / hydrogen mix
High purity refractory retort (Carbon Free)
Environmental requirement
External Exhaust (100-150 CFM)
200–240 V, 3 phase (3 wire), 30 A
346–416 V, 3 phase (4 wire), 30 A
External dimensions
1370mm x 810mm x 1520mm
(54" x 32" x 60")
350kg (772lbs)

Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

*May vary by material, operating environment, run mass, electrical frequency etc.

** Express Run enabled for 17-4 PH parts where brown (washed and dried) mass totals 250g or less


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