BigRep Studio G2

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BigRep Studio G2BigRep Studio G2BigRep Studio G2
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BigRep Studio G2

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BigRep STUDIO G2 builds upon BigRep's previous generation machine. As a large format industrial 3D printer the STUDIO G2 has a voluminous build size of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm, ideal for large size panels, models, components, props and prototypes.


The STUDIO G2  is affordable 3D printing at large scale with speed and precision. The enclosed build area maintains a controlled temperature and boasts a print volume of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm, enabling printing of large format objects in engineering-grade materials. The dual extruder, with two 0.6 mm all-metal hot-end configuration can print in a range of materials including PLA, PETG, Pro HT and PA6/66.


The BigRep STUDIO G2 features a fast-heating print bed and an intuitive user interface with a multi-touch enabled screen with enhanced functionalities including remote load, and print monitor via the webcam, as well as the ability to resume a print after power failure.


Key features of the BigRep STUDIO G2:

  • Large build volume: The STUDIO G2 is a dual extruder with ruby nozzles printing to a large build volume of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm

  • Enclosed print environment: The STUDIO G2 has an enclosed, temperature controlled build area, whilst allowing users to visually monitor the printing process with safe and easy access to the print bed. Environmental features like auto-pause upon opening ensure a smooth and safe printing process

  • Heated filament chamber: The heated filament chamber integrated into the STUDIO G2 ensures that engineering materials remain dry in a consistently controlled environment to maintain quality

  • Dedicated slicing software: The easy to use BigRep "BLADE” slicing software allows for greater control of printing parameters while providing presets for all BigRep materials. The new estimation engine gives accurate printing time and material use predictions for unmatched productivity

  • Fast-heating print bed: Preparation time is significantly reduced for projects by the fast heating print bed. The new inductive sensor enables semi-automatic levelling to ensure optimal calibration and maximum control. With a higher bed temperature reaching 100°C, adhesion to the print bed is improved for a variety of functional materials.

12 month manufacturer warranty

BigRep Studio G2 Technical Specifications


Print technology       Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF / FDM)

2 - Dual extrusion

Nozzle diameter 0.6mm standard
Supported filament(s)

BigRep PLA, BigRep PRO HT, BigRep PETG, BigRep TPU, BigRep PA6/66

Max build size

500mm (w) x 1000mm (d) x 500mm (h)

19.69" (w) x 39.37" (d) x 19.69" (h)

BigRep Studio G2 physical dimensions

1715mm (w) x 1170mm (d) x 1765mm (h)

Layer resolution

0.1mm (100 microns) to 0.5mm (500 microns)


208 V - 240 V 16A 50/60 Hz

Weight Approx. 500kg

Up to 600 mm/s2

Build plate temperature



Onboard with multi-touch panel

Connectivity / File transfer

USB & remotely

Safety certifications

CE approved

Manufacturer warranty

12 months


Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.